Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 23 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish Series Karim and Fatma Episode 23in Arabic. You can see the success of the series Fatima in the Arab region by the search results after 23 episodes of it. This reflects the interest of viewers to follow the events of this series and the success. It is expected to continue as we approach the final episode of the series.

Karim has decided to disappear completely from the life of Fatima but he assured her more than once that he loves her and he did not participate in the rape and by chance Mariam found Mary in Karim Clothes something belong to Fatma which shows how much he loves Fatma. Mariam became a friend of Fatma the relationship between them is very strong now.. Murad threatened his mother and told her that he will tell his father if she did not end her relationship with men who he knows.


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