Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 42 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish Series Karim and Fatma Episode 42 in arabic. It seems that events in the way of change to Karim, although last episodes caused a lot of damage to him but it seems that his goal is to make Fatima love him will be achieved after Osman sent some men to beat him and he was beaten. Fatima was afraid a lot, but she tried to hide it but it seems that the trouble would hunt down Fatima and Karim from Rashdan family because Osman broke into the house of Fatima and threatened to kill her if she talked again to Maram, Maram refused travel with Osman and asked for a divorce because Fatima told her that Osman had participated in the rape. As for Karim he decided to take revenge of Uthman went to him, but he was surprised to see his driver Mosstafa Fatma old Boy Friend, who took out his pistol and pointed it to Karim. Karim Told Mostafa the truth.
The events of episode 41 of series Fatima Arabic Karim went to the house of Osman, but he found Mustafa there Karim explained Mostafa the whole truth and told him that Fatima is the victim of the Rashdan Rashdan Family, who raised and went to the company where everyone is there and attacked them, but they ​​controled him and took him to another room.


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