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Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 47 in Arabic. Fatma series was able in such a short period to obtain a large number of fans in many Arab countries and managed to influence many viewers. There are those who believe that Karim is guilty and must be punished and there are those who believe that what happened to Karim is a moment of weakness and he is now trying to fix his mistake.

 As for the recent events Mostafa have felt what he did to Fatima and he knew that he lost Fatma when he accused her and is now trying to return talk to her and make her understand the truth but it's too late as Fatma refused to talk to him. Mustafa went to the company of Rashdan and met with Rashad, Munir and Osman and asked to take more money. 
Karim Gave Fatma a wedding ring, but she refused to wear it in reference to that she still has not forgotten what happened to her in the past and she told the family she will not be a victim of the events and will depend on herself and will look for work which welcomed by Mariam a lot. Maram is still trying to know the truth of Fatma rape incident and truth about involvement of her husband Seleim.


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