Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 46 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 46 in Arabic. Recent events of the series, Fatima decided to surpass what had happened to her and decided to go beyond the interview which took place between her and Mustafa where Mostafa tried to justify what happened to them. Fatma told Mariam that she is stronger than all of these events, Karim became happy after he knew that Fatima asked Mustafa to go before he comes cream so as to avoid any big problem.

As for the events of the previous episode of the series Karim was happy to see Fatma  throwing the tissue received from Mostafa in the lake which pleased him a lot, but he still wants Fatma to love him. While Mariam went to Rashadan and warned him of the prejudice of the family. She told him that she knew everything and was surprised with the existence of Mustafa there.


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