Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 35 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish Series Karim and Fatma Episode 35 in Arabic. Egyptian newspapers published a news about this series Fatima that the series saved the Egyptians from talk show programs. Before viewing the series of Fatima, many Egyptians were following all talk show programs daily but since the introduction of the series, the percentage of Fatima seen confirms that this series was able to impress the viewers of the Egyptians from different age stages.

And for the events of the previous episode 34 series Fatima Mdbalij  in Arabic. Karim has tried to talk with Fatma and she told him that he is the reason why she left the house as she does not want to live with him because she considers him from the people who raped her and she closed the phone in his face. Karim cried after hearing what Fatma said. Fatma now lives with Nour (Mostafa Girl Friend).


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