Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 40 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish Series Karim and Fatma Episode 40 in arabic. Today was the last date for the vote on the best Turkish series introduced in the last period. It was done by million people in Turkey and Fatma series has received the largest number of votes and has won Champions series award for best actor and actress and came after series Fatima series forbidden love which was introduced earlier in the vote and this proves the sensitivity of the issue of the community. Although the series is not complete yet but currently it could be the first among all Turkish TV displayed.

As for the events of the previous episode 39 series of Fatima Mdbalij in Arabic. Fatma called Maram and told her that Seleim was one of those who raped her which made Maram changed suddenly and was so sad. Osman was angry becaose of what Fatma did and decieded to send some people to beat Karim who was beaten very hard and also Osman warned Fatma of repeating this again. Rushdan trying to convince Maram by telling her Fatma is lying and that Seleim didn't rape.


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