Series Fatma Gul What is Fatmagul's Fault? Another controversy Turkish Series

Arabic Turkish SeriesWhat's Fatima Fault. Fatma series highlight the scenes of physical violence depicting the feelings and degrading images of women.

Being raped is the most cruel think that could happen to any women. It runs her dignity and her feel offended. That's what happened with the series Fatima Gu) that play a role (Perrin sat)(Samar in forbidden love). This work that has raised a lot of controversy in Turkey (Maznb Fatima? is the name of the series or Fatma Gul). The series discussed the idea of ​​rape and their effects as well as they wanted to raise and discuss some gaps in Turkish law in the case of rape in particular. That's through the story of an orphan girl at the age of flowers (Fatma Gul) live in an area in Izmir where she lives with her brother (Lam3y) and his wife (Myasra) and their son Little (Murad. Fatma was engaged to a young man who love madly (Mustafa). Rashdan Family owns a farm in that region. Rashdan is a rich man his only son is (Salim) who will marry the daughter of a political (Mram). In Seleim engagement all the friends of Salim met Karim, Osman and Murad and they drunk a lot this night. After the concert came out of the beach to complete the party. Fatima Gul pass in front of them. They decided to play with her and Karim was the first one who grabbed her, he has admired for a long time. The devil who proposed the idea of ​​rape was (Osman). Fatma was poor and weak among Karim and his friends. She started to scream and cry. Karim was the only one among them who didn't do anything to Fatma and was denouncing what his friends did. They completed their crime and left the poor girl unconscious.

The tragedy of Fatima At this time Mariam found her. (Mariam is considered Karim Mother after his mother died). Village learned the whole story of Fatma and knew what happened to the girl who was abandoned by her fiance Mostafa. Fatma was shocked from rape and shocked by her fiance Mostage who disappointed and destroyed her future. Rashdan Family learned what their children did and tried covering up the scandal in various styles and ways. They were worried people will know about their involvement due to the location of their family which is very sensitive and it's a well known Family in the village. Although they wrote about them in newspapers, but they denied everything that was said. They convinced Karim (the only innocent one in all of them) to marry Fatma Gul and gave him money and also agreed with Myasar wife of brother of Fatima to convince Fatima to this marriage and gave her as well money. Fatma Family were asked to leave the village after marriage to stay in Istanbul. Fatima accepted this marriage in spite of hatred towards Karim and his friends She thinks that he was their partner and she is not being satisfied that he has not touched her. Fatma hated herself and her life and everything around it and she is having a hard time dealing with everyone after the rape incident. She started to treat everyone aggressively and brutality and especially with Karim. She thinks Karim is her first enemy. Karim did as much as he can to avoid everything that bothered her despite the intensity of his love for her. He did not give up and has been trying in various ways to make Fatma love him and believe that he did not touch her. Is Stguetna Fatima and ratify what the cream?? Will Fatma love him over the days and after all that suffering? This is a summary small story of the Fatma series which is a wonderful Turkish series that is broadcasted in the arab countries and which I think will win Arab audiences.

Parliament The strange thing is the amount of criticism this work received because of the idea of ​​rape which was the basic idea of ​​the series. They requested to stop broadcasting the series because they considered the discussion of this idea is offensive to women and Turkish society as well as scenes of physical violence they considered cruel and offensive to the feelings with the knowledge that the director and staff and representatives have study the scenes that had been stated as a violent with psychiatrists to reach the best image that appears to the viewer and re-shoot these scenes more than 7 times and they took the scene with at least a nuisance and disease for all and in spite of all this effort, they faced many objections including for the first time to discuss a series in the Turkish Parliament. A lot of people and organizations have supported the series and Fatma against this critically acclaimed for her role of Fatma Gul. They also said that three members of the German Parliament supported the series through a letter of support. As for the actor of the series Fatma she has responded to all this by saying: (Such cases are always happen in all the world and I follow some of the work especially the Syrian Arab and they discussed the rape case a lot and that the frequent criticisms of the series generally means a good follow-up).

Amend the law In addition to the idea of ​​rape, series attempted to show and draw attention to the need to discuss the Turkish law rape case in particular where law exempts rapist from punishment if he marries the victim that was raped and can not separates or divorces before a year or else he will be punished by imprisonment. This work of drama is excellent it will draw attention from the first episode. In addition to the original focus of the series on Fatima Gul and the rape incident. It shows other stories and extra side of the characters involved. This series is supported by the production company which is the first company to produce these kind of series which produced the «love forbidden» and «securities falling» and «Isle». It is worth mentioning that the largest factor to the approval of this series is the Perrin SAT (Fatma) as well as Company. They commented on the product by saying: ( Perrinn is the only actress that can play this role). The truth that should be be told that she deserve the popularity in a short period she is still mid-twenties-year-old with proven and mastery for each role assigned to her As for her hero Karim he has won great popularity through this series and we saw him before in series «fires».

It should be noted that the series is back to the story of the film which was produced in 1986 and starring the actress very famous in Turkey in that period (Hulya Afshar) which was impressed by the performance of Perrin SAT for the same role. You can watch Fatma series online online HERE


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i cant seem to locate episode 61 and up of fatma and karim. plz advice

  2. Admin says:

    Anon, you can find episode 61 HERE

  3. Anonymous says:

    well in this case their were 3 people who rape this innocent girl, so they have all marry her for one year so that they won't be punish?? If so, How can they marry her at once? What kind of law is this?

  4. Admin says:

    Anon you can find episode 61 HERE

  5. Anonymous says:

    love it

  6. Anonymous says:

    really beautiful drama.. but due to the GREAT WAPDA em now out of the story... from 2nd April :-(

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