Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 68 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesMaram was hit by a big shock when she called Fatima who confirmed to her that Seleim and Osman wer among those who raped her and in spite of the attempt from Rashdan to convince her that Seleim was called by police for another reason but he could not. Fight occurred between three Karim Selim and Osman in jail. Seleim accused Osman and he told him that he is the reason in all what has happened to them because of the crazy behavior.

Investigations began with the three young men Karim, Seleim and Osman because of what they did to Fatma. Karim was released which made Fatma very Happy and especially after they decided not to release Osman and Seleim. Munir was screaming in the face of Fatima and told her that her case is lost. Mustafa tells Nour of what happened. He told her he is very sad because of what happened to Fatima and also in what he did to her especially after he worked for Rashdan family and tool money from them. Noor told Mostafa that she us pregnant but he asked her to drop this baby because he is suspected that he might not be his father.


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