Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 64 Online Without Download Karim went to the Police

Arabic Turkish SeriesMurad meeting with Karim had a bad effect on Fatima where she was so sad after she saw Kareem Hugging Murad and she decided to take off her wedding ring which was presented by Karim. She scolded Karim and asked him to leave and divorce her and did not give him a chance to clarify the matter and the truth and the cause of this interview and Murad made ​​Karim very sad. Karim called Murad and told him that he does not want to meet anyone from the family Rashdan. Murad went to apologize to Fatima but she collapse which made Murad commit suicide.

As for the recent events in the series, Karim decided to make himself be punished and also his friends from Rashdan Family who raped Fatima where he went to the police and confessed the truth and admitted that Murad, Osman and Seleim raped Fatma and Police had called Fatima and she has confirmed story that she was raped in front of the beach. Karim had confirmed to Fatma that he will not leave her again to the pressure the Rashdan Family and would not allow them and himself to escape from justice. While Salim Osman do not know cause of Murad suicide therefore they want to the scene and trying to find out why he did so.


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