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Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 59 in Arabic. Today's episode is episode 59 of the Turkish series Fatma as the events became too hot Myasar has escaped from the house and also Mostafa suffered a difficult accident. He was beaten by men of Osman. Myasar left after everyone knew her story with Saleh and She went to Saleh, Lam3y called her and asked her to return and told her that he could not live without her and without his son Murad. Karim has admitted his love to Fatma but she did not respond to of what he said but showed signs of jealousy when she saw him talking with Christine his old friend.

And in the last episode Karim told Fatma, "If my words will make you feel sad, Forget about everything" and Fatma did not respond to what he said again and she appeared very sad. Karim then left home and went out and is also sad at the time Mariam entered and asked Fatma not to be afraid from the truth.


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