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Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 55 in Arabic. It seems that Karim finally changed the feeling of Fatima towards him where he was able to make Fatma trust and love him despite what happened in the previous time where he was present at the time that she was raped and did not do anything and this was the reason why Fatma was treating Karim in a bad way before. Fatima now began to change she is talking with Karim and dealing with him after she got a job and began to rely on herself. Murad Munir and Rashdan they all have fear because of the knowledge of Mustafa about their participation in the rape of Fatma.

As for the events of the previous episode episode 54 and 53 Myasar told Fatma and Family her story with Saleh as Fatma faced her. She acknowledged that the kid is not Lam3y son but Saleh Son and she told them that she married Lam3y to hide her shame after Saleh left her.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The only reason i watched this is becuase i am like fatma but 7 guys, i was at camp at school in yr 9 and this happened to me, i see those guys everyday having to walk around the school and see their faces. They make me sit next to them on the bus, i hate it. they still keep doing weird things to me and i dont like it, i know how u felt fatma being held cant do anything, trapped, alone not being able to tell. I havent told anyonei am afraid.These guys threaten me everyday and take me behind the school and i cant tell anyone beasuse my friend is dating him and they are really popular. These guys hurst me plz fatma telll me what to do?
    I love u beren Saat as an actor

  2. Anonymous says:

    can u make english translation becuase i am austrlian so i have to watch english subtitles

  3. Anonymous says:

    To the Anonymous about the rape, please please please if that post is true and you're not lying, you need to report them no matter who they are. I know it might be hard knowing they are popular and whatnot but please tell someone and get help. They have no right to abuse you like that and keep you in such a frightening dilemma everyday. PLEASE tell someone of authority that can help you and get your right back..or at least give them the punishment they deserve.

  4. Anonymous says:

    if its true, then you're very stupid not telling anyone and letting them win

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