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Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 52 in Arabic. Watching Fatma Arabic Turkish Series has become a daily habit for many Arabs. Karim and Fatma series has occupied a very good position in the search engines and there is a great demand for watching fatma series online in arabic because it a real issue that is different from the rest of the turkish series.

And about the recent events in the series 50 and 51 episodes Myasar has returned to the house after she met Saleh her love who asked her to meet again and Family asked Myasar for the place she went to but she refused to tell them the truth. There is concern Rashdan Family Rashdan, Munir and Seleim where they felt that Mostafa still has a great desire to revenge them even after he was assigned to an important function job in the company. As for Katim there is a problem between him and his father.
And for the events of Episode 51 of the series Mariam saw Myasar sitting with Saleh in a restaurant. Murad decided to leave Rashdan company because he is afraid from Mostafa.


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