Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 49 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish Series Karim and Fatma Episode 49 in Arabic. Fatma Series continues as Fatma appeared to have a strong character. She was able to stand in front of all these difficult events since she was raped in front of the beach and is now trying to go beyond this event and Karim trying to win the heart of Fatima. In the last episode after Karim stood against Mustafa Fatma began to sympathize with him but trying not to show this. Fatima began to work in a restaurant because she decided to rely on herself.

Karim donated Fatima wedding ring and told her that this ring in order to  be protected and he went to the restaurant where Fatma works to be sure she wore the ring which made ​​him very happy because she refused at first to wear this ring while Maram trying to make Seleim beleive that she forgotten topic about his involvement in the rape of Fatma but in fact she was not because she went to the Rashdan company and asked to interview Mostafa after learning that he is Fatima former and Mariam confirmed that Myasar had hidden evidence behind the involvement of Rashdan children in the rape of Fatma and accepted the money offered by the family.


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