Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 51 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish Series Karim and Fatma Episode 51 in Arabic. Fatma is trying  now to overcome the crisis experienced by what happened to her when she was raped in front of the beach. She found work in a restaurant and is now trying to prove herself in this work and rely on herself. Karim trying to get close to her. He has bought her wedding ring and told her that this ring will protect it. Mustafa refused to tell the truth to Maram that Seleim participate in the rape of Fatma. He had accepted the money from Rashdan Family and also the position in order to forget the problem of Fatima.

And about the recent events of the serial Turkish Fatima,
Fatma was able to prove her worth to the owner of the restaurant. Karim bought a new car and he went to the place where Fatma works to take her to home. They say Mysar in a car. Myasar lied on Lam3y, she told she gonna visit a friend in fact, she went to meet her old Love Saleh, while Murad was standing in his car watching the house and Fatima, but he ran when Lam3y saw him.


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