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Arabic Turkish SeriesFatma Series events continues. It began with incident of rape which was subjected to Fatima at the hands of Osman and his Friends Seleim, Karim and Murad. fatma was then under pressure from her family and also the Rashdan Family in order to agree to the marriage of Karim and who regrets what happened to her as he saw it but did not do any anything and din't prevent his friends. After marriage, Fatima treated Karim very badly because she have seen him on the night of rape but he tries everything he can to make her forget about it and love him. Mostafa left Fatma alone in a time when she needs him on her side. Usman threatening Fatima after she told Maram that her husband had participated in the rape which led to the occurrence of fights between Karim and the family of Rashdan.

As for the recent events in the series, a big problem occurs between Karim and Fatma where Fatma accused Karim of tricking her. She saw him hugging Murad. She decided to take off her engagement ring which was presented by Karim And she did not give him any opportunity to defend himself and asked him to leave. While Mostafa wants to save Nour from the hand of Sami. He asked Ismail to help him and get her back but the latter assured him that only Osman can do this for him and get Nour from Sami.


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    i love this series best of all time so far

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