Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 61 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesFinally Karim managed to reach what he wants the heart of Fatma where she came to his room crying and told him she could not believe he did not touch her on the rape incident but he told her that he will always be next to her and will not leave her until she gets recovered. Maryan has adviced Fatma to go to a psychiatrist in order to address the psychological problem she is experiencing. Karim offered Fatma a ride to go to visit Mustafa in the hospital but she refused to do so completely which has made karim feels very happy.

As for the recent events in the series Fatma was very happy when Karim invited her and the family her for dinner outside the home but she cried when she saw him talking with Murad in the street before going to dinner. Muran was talking with Karim as he wants to warn Karim of Osman and assured him that Osman trying to trap him. Karim asked him to to talk to him again and assured him that he will avenge all of the Rashdan Family. As for Mostafa, He starts recovering.


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