Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 53 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 53 in Arabic. Fatma Series events continues as Fatma began to love Karim and this is what Karim was looking for when he married her as in the first episodes Karim decided to marry Fatima because he felt guilty towards her because he did not defend her when she was raped by Rashdan Family. Fatima began to rely on herself, work and that's what make her very happy.

As for the events of episodes 51 and 52 of the series Mariam decided to monitor Myasar and actually went behind her and discovered that she went to meet her old lover Saleh. Myasar told Saleh that he is the father of her son and he was not the son of Lam3y. Murad afraid completely of Mostafa and wants to keeps him from the company which was rejected by Rashdan who asked Murad to move away from the company a little to calm down his temper and told him that Mustafa could not do anything because they have evidence to condemn Mostafa a pistol.


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