Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 70 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesSeleim, Karim and Osman has Been investigated by Police. They are all being accused of raping Fatima in front of the beach but after the investigation Karim was released while Selim and Osman still in Jail which has angered the family of Rashdan much. Fatima looked happy after the decision of the release of Karim for the first time she smiles in the face of Karim because of his release and his innocence from the rape incident.

And about the recent events in the series before Episode Seventy of Fatima Mdbalij in Arabic. Fatma went to her old state and there she remembered what happened to her. She told Karim that she want to go back to Istanbul and live there. She said Istanbul is the best place for her now which made Karim very happy. Fatma started to treat Karim in a good way after learning that he has done nothing in the rape incident.


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