Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 63 Online Without Download Murad commit suicide

Arabic Turkish SeriesFatma is now suffering from a major problem with Karim because she saw him hugging Murad so she thought that Karim tricking and lying and he is still talking with Rashdan family and that's what made her sad a lot. So she decided to face Karim and told him that she saw him and that he does not love her and tricking her. She did not even give him a chance to defend himself and asked him to leave and divorce her then she took off her engagement ring which was presented by Karim to her after she got a job.

The cause of the problem between Karim and Fatima is Murad. Karim called Murad and told him that Fatma saw Karim talking to Mirad which caused a lot of troubles. He also told him that he does not want to see him again and does not want to see anyone else from the family Rashdan. Murad decided to go to the house of Fatma and met her and told her that Karim did not touch her on the night of the rape and asked her forgiveness but Fatima expelled him from the house and screamed in his face. Murad went out and rode his car and tried to commit suicide to get rid of feeling guily.


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