Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 66 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesFatma Family exposed to great pressure after Karim informed the police about the crime that occurred to Fatma. Where Karim told her that he will not allow any of the Rashdan Family pressing again to give up and told her that he is ready for the full punishment. The lawyer had been contacted by Mariam and he was shown the details of the case. He told Fatma and Family that the case is not easy and that they must be strong and ready for the pressure.

Before displaying episode 66 of series Fatima in Arabic. We would like to tell you about the recent events of the series since the police had called Osman and Saleim to be heard in the case where Fatma presented a report to the police and told them that they raped her. Family of Rashdan were shocked when they knew that Fatma and Karim went to the police and told them about the story. Fatma is scared and she also was hit by jealous when she saw Christine Karim Friend.


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