Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 54 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 54 in Arabic. Munir and Rashad are in fear now after they couldn't find pistol in Rashdan office which Mostafa used to shoot Seleim. They were using this postol to force Mostafe not to talk about their participation in the rape of Fatma. From the company Cameras they found our that Osman has stolen the gun from Rashdan office. They called Murad and asked him to help restore the gun out of fear that Mustafa might find it and decide to take revenge on them.

As for recent events, the series of Fatima Episode 53 and Episode 52, Fatma and Karim discovered Myasar story that she met her old boyfriend and wants to go back to him. She also tried to convince Saleh that her son is his son not the son to Lam3y which greatly saddened Fatma
. Karim asked Fatima not to tell the Myasar that they revealed her story until they are sure of the information that came to them.


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