Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 58 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 58 in Arabic. The relationship between Fatma and Karim became very good and a lot better than the time he married her where she was in the past hate Karimm and does not love him because he was there when his friends raped her and did not do anything and did not prevent his friends from doing so although Karim regrets much of what happened to Fatma but he could not gain satisfaction Fatima until after he He protected Fatma from Osman Murad and Mostafa. He stood in front of them and defended her. As for the events of Episode 57 and 56 of the series of Fatma, Myasar has left the house and went to Saleh her old boyfriend. She took her son Murad with but Saleh has beaten Myasar he was very angry after he learned that Karim came to his company and talked with his father.


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