Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 60 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesMany of the viewers disagree on the position of Karim in this series there are those who believe that Karim has done a good thing when he married Fatma and there are those who believe that he was wrong and should be punished for it although he did not touch Fatima He left his friends attacking Fatma and did not do anything. And therefore he tries in every way to persuade Fatima that he was not in the consciousness on the night of the incident.

As for recent events, Karim is very happy when Fatma came to him crying and she told him she could not forget what happened to her in the night and can not believe what he says. Karim promised that he will always be next to her and will not leave and will defend her always and had offered her a visit to Mostafa in the hospital but she refused to do so completely and this thing which made Karim so glad.


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