Watch Karim and Fatma Episode 69 Online Without Download

Arabic Turkish SeriesMustafa comes out of the hospital and knows what Fatima did. The report she submitted to police against Osman and Seleim for raping her. Mustafa has told Nour he was shocked and very sad because of what he had done to Fatma because he left her at a time when she needs him beside her. Nour told him that his father and his mother visited her and asked her to stay away from Mostafa and also she told him she was pregnant, but he asked her to drop the baby.

As for the recent events Investigation started with Karim, Seleim and Osman after the fight which occurred between them in the Jail. Polive has released Karim which made Fatma very happy. She was also happy because of the decision of taking Seleim and Osman to jail. Lawyer has told Fatma that the case is guaranteed and criminals will be punished. And for the first time Fatma smiles in the face of Karim and congratulated him for getting out of jail. Fatima goes on the estate where the family home and remember painful memories of the rape incident. While family Rashdan quite angry from decision of imprison to Seleim and Osman.


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