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Arabic Turkish SeriesKarim and Fatma Episode 56 in Arabic. From crises, you know friends who love you and enemies who hate you and that is what has happened to Fatima what happened to her reveal her who really loved her and who do not. Mostafa for example she discovered that he does not deserve because he left her after knew about the rape while Fatma was in the need for any person standing next to her and she also discovered karim who loved and fought for her.

As for the events of previous episodes 55 and 54 Myasar story have been discovered everyone knew she met her beloved old Saleh, who refused her request. Lam3y was so sad when he knew that Murad is not his son and so went out and left. Myasar ran away from home and she took Murad with her. Lam3y cried a lot because she took his son Murad but Karim assured him that he will do his best to get him back. Mostafa has suffered a serious injury due to assault him and men of Osman but doctors saved him.


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