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Arabic Turkish SeriesPolice Called Seleim and Osman to start investigating with them. Fatma confirmed what Katim said about the rape incident and Karim was arrested as well which caused the family of Rashdan to be shocked. Karim has been called in order to testify about the case after the confirmation of Fatma on the rape incident. She said that Seleim and Osman raped her. Karim had confirmed to Fatima that he wanted to be punished for his crime because he is guilty because he was able to prevent his friends but he did not.

As for the previous events in the series Lawyer has confirmed that the case of Fatma in their favor and that the perpetrators will be punished Osman, Seleim and Murad. Mara, collapsed when she learned the news of the arrest of Osman and Salim from Rashdan. He he tried to tell her Seleim was arrested not because of the rape case but she contacted Fatma which confirmed again that Seleim was involved in the rape incident. News made her collapse completely and she started crying. Salim thrown the charge on Osman for what happened to them. He told him that he is the reason for what happened because of his actions which made Karim and Fatma submit a report to the police. While Murad's father confirms for Rashdan that he will not be able to prevent Murad from telling the truth but Rashdan threatened Murad Father.


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